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Fruitlands Museum opens Visceral Murmurs exhibition

Fruitlands Museum presents Visceral Murmurs, an exhibition of works by Scott Erb, Brian Burris, Cynthia Woehrle on view August 19 – October 28, 2012.

Scott Erb Wandering Muse

Seeded by the philosophy and history of the Fruitlands Museum and its grounds we, independently of each other, arrived at explorations of night as the theme of our exhibition. Night offers many qualities of light and atmosphere that shift with the seasons and weather upon the land. It is this ground where the seed of our exhibition has taken root; the quality of light in darkness… illumination, its connection to the earth, and exploring this connection in ways that transcend traditional representation.

This exhibition represents our individual metaphors for elemental beauty which all can be found here at the Fruitlands Museum.

Fruitlands Museum
102 Prospect Hill Road,
Harvard, Massachusetts 01451
(978) 456-3924

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