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Kunsthallen Brandts announces Street Art. The New Generation

Kunsthallen Brandts presents Street Art. The New Generation 25th Anniversary exhibition on view 7 September–25 November 2012.

OEPS Crew: S-train, 2012.

Right now, a big city skyline with house fronts and ends is being constructed in Kunsthallen’s “Pillar Hall.” Before the guest arrive in this mock city a group of masked street artists will occupy the hall and decorate the house walls with litres of paint and spray paint—and thousands of beads.

Street art emerged in the American ghettos in the early 1970s. Both the artistic expression and the incentives were clearly political. In the following decade street art came to Europe and hit Denmark in the mid-1980s. Street art followed by hip hop, rap and break dance became a unique subculture. Today street artists are also invited into galleries and art halls and despite their anonymity several of the artists have reached stardom. Kunsthallen Brandts presents some of the most renowned artists in the exhibition called Street Art: The New Generation.

It is only on rare occasions that Kunsthallen presents works by artists who do not have an art academic background. However, we are looking forward to welcoming the street artists because they are just as talented as many trained artists when it comes to being imaginative, humorous and provoking.

Participating artists:
Miss Take (Denmark) is known for her large-format portraits on house fronts and ends. She is going to make a piece in the Brandts area. Otto Maja (NIMI) (Finland) is also a wall artist and will contribute with a 12 metre long piece. The theme will be kept secret until the opening. Mentalgassi (Germany) is known for painting on bar fences, which adds a dynamic dimension to his pieces. OEPS Crew (Denmark) will exhibit a 14 metre long train which will cover an entire wall. The train is made of beads. Slinkachu (England) will show photographs depicting small cartoon characters staged in different environments. Space Invaders (France) will put up a piece which is an example of their own genre called “RubikCubism.” Tejn (Denmark, Funen) is known for his small sculptures made of iron which he chains to objects like bike racks and fences. Toasters (England) make modernist pieces in bright colours. They will decorate the foyer from 20 to 22 August. Other participants: Bujahuli (NIMI) (Finland), Murkunst :M.Wisniewski (Dr.D) & Rolf M. (MESTER88) (Denmark) who will put up a piece in the stair hall and on the first floor. And three street artists from Odense are going to decorate a number of containers sponsored by Odense Waste Management Company.

Collaboration with Pori Art Museum, Finland
The exhibition has been produced in collaboration with Pori Art Museum in Finland. Pori opened Street Art: The New Generation in the spring of 2012. In addition to the above-mentioned Danish street artists, a number of the street artists presented in Finland will participate in the exhibition at Kunsthallen Brandts.

The exhibition is a so-called Short Notice exhibition. Every year Kunsthallen presents an exhibition which finds its form and content very close to the opening. Street Art: The New Generation will be developing throughout September.

The exhibition opens on Odense Culture Night, 7 September at 5pm. Music critic, DJ and writer Katrine Ring will hold the opening speech. Brandts holds an anniversary reception on 7 September at 3pm and at 5pm the three institutions at Brandts open their anniversary exhibitions.

Kunsthallen Brandts
Brandts Torv 1
5000 Odense, Denmark

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