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Preserving Local History at the Fredericton Region Museum

Nestled in Officers’ Square, a quaint green space in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, the Fredericton Region Museum offers the opportunity to learn more about the history of the province of New Brunswick. Formerly known as the York Sunbury Museum, this non-profit institution focuses on the history of York and Sunbury counties.

Fredericton Region Museum

With two floors and twelve exhibits, the Museum is jam-packed with artefacts that not only tell the history of Fredericton, but also help to make that history come alive. The Museum is located in the Historic Garrison District in the former Officers’ Quarters building.

Though the building is a National Historic Site, the Fredericton Region Museum is perhaps best known as the home of the Coleman Frog. This frog, found in 1885 by Fred Coleman at Killarney Lake, grew to be 42 pounds. This overgrown stuffed amphibian has stolen the hearts of the locals, wormed its way into the regions folklore, and has found a loving home at the Fredericton Region Museum.

While the Coleman Frog is often a focal point of the Museum, it is by no means the only sight to see. The Museum boasts twelve large exhibits that focus on different aspects of New Brunswick life. These exhibits focus on groups such as the Loyalists, the Acadians, and the Maliseet. Other exhibits look at specific people or types of local history, including the life of Alexander ‘Boss’ Gibson, local medicine, agricultural technology, and nineteenth century aristocrats.

The Museum is a great place to learn and explore the history of New Brunswick! For more information, please visit our website at:

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