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DePaul Art Museum announces Afterimage exhibition

DePaul Art Museum announces Afterimage, an exhibition on view September 14 – November 18 / 2012.

Richard Hull, Adolescence, 2011. Oil on linen. Collection of Brian Herbstritt.

An afterimage is an optical phenomenon that persists in one’s field of vision even after exposure to it has ceased. Figuratively, it describes the persistence of the Imagist movement decades after its emergence in Chicago and beyond. The 24 contemporary artists in this exhibition are of a generation after Imagism, and all have studied with or been influenced by the Imagists. They work, as the Imagists did, in many media–painting, drawing, animation, sculpture, comics and music. And they take up similar concerns: shared art-historical, pop-cultural, or vernacular source material; subject matter, including gender and sexuality, nostalgia and obsolescence, and humor; and formal approaches such as color palette and level of finish. But as the range and diversity of works clearly demonstrate, these contemporary artists have moved beyond Imagism in both visual and ideological ways.

Three simultaneous exhibitions at other Chicago venues foreground fundamental aspects of the art practices of both the contemporary artists on view in Afterimage and the Chicago Imagists: the Roger Brown Study Collection, the Center for Book and Paper Arts, and the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection.

Afterimage is curated by Thea Liberty Nichols and Dahlia Tulett-Gross and organized by the DePaul Art Museum. –

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