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North Museum of Natural History & Science announces Did Dinosaurs Poop

North Museum of Natural History & Science presents Did Dinosaurs Poop, an exhibition on view from February 5, 2013.

Did Dinosaurs Poop? is a new hands-on, informative exhibit for kids coming this February to the North Museum! Designed for an audience of families with children ages 4 to 10, the exhibit will present a fun, colorful approach to learning about fossils and dinosaur diets long ago. Visitors will take a digestion journey, traveling as dinosaur “food” from tooth to tush and then discovering how poop can become a fossil. They can also take on the role of paleontologist to uncover fossils, examine them, and figure out where – and when! – it came from.

This exhibit answers questions like “How do feces fossilize?”, “What can we learn about past worlds from fossil poop?”, and “How do we know what we know about dinosaurs?”. Through colorful graphics, hands-on interactives, and real fossils, visitors will understand the process of fossilization, they will discover what stones, bones, teeth, and even tiny molecules can tell us about diet, they will begin to reconstruct past ecological webs, and they will become scientists themselves, discovering how to learn from the amazing fossil record.

Did Dinosaurs Poop? exhibition is organized and managed by the Museum of the Earth at the Paleontological Research Institution.

North Museum of Natural History & Science
400 College Avenue
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