David Roberts Art Foundation presents A House of Leaves – First Movement

David Roberts Art Foundation presents A House of Leaves – First Movement, on view 21 September–15 November 2012.

Kris Martin, Mandi VIII (detail), 2006. David Roberts Collection, London. Photo: Mark Blower.

A House of Leaves, curated by Vincent Honoré, inaugurates the new and larger premises of the David Roberts Art Foundation (DRAF). The exhibition will present the largest group of works from the collection to date, including key works by Phyllida Barlow, Enrico David, Martin Kippenberger, John Latham, and Wilhelm Sasnal together with special commissions and live events. Benoît Maire will perform Eye or The War during the opening evening.

A House of Leaves is an exhibition conceived as a symphony in three movements and an epilogue. The entire project will last 6 months (21 September 2012–23 February 2013). Each movement is structured around one key work from the collection: Echo VIII from 2007 by Louise Bourgeois (First Movement), Fuji from 1996 by Gerhard Richter (Second Movement), and Silent Score from 1997 by Pierre Huyghe (Third Movement). The Epilogue will be a movement towards the void, emptying the exhibition space to explore its architecture and volume, revealing permanent works in the building.

A House of Leaves references US novelist Mark Z. Danielewski’s novel, in which a house is impossible to measure as its interior dimensions become larger than its exterior. Much like in the novel, A House of Leaves borrows different languages, tells multiple narratives in different ways, and asks its viewer to become co-author in order to present a collective effort to define an art form—in this instance the contemporary art museum, from its collection, displays, special commissions, and loans, to its educational and interpretation system.

A House of Leaves – First Movement (21 September–15 November 2012) is an exhibition with works and special interventions by Horst Ademeit, Ida Applebroog, Phyllida Barlow, Nina Beier, Louise Bourgeois, Bettina Buck, Miriam Cahn, Keith Coventry, Tony Cragg, Enrico David, Matthew Day Jackson, Jason Dodge, Shannon Ebner, Thomas Houseago, Bethan Huws, Chosil Kil, Martin Kippenberger, John Latham, Alvin Lucier, Marie Lund, Benoît Maire, Victor Man, Kris Martin, Eddie Peake, Man Ray, Manuela Ribadeneira, Pietro Roccasalva, Steve Reich, Wilhelm Sasnal, Adam Thompson, Rebecca Warren, and Lawrence Weiner.

Coinciding with Frieze Art Fair, DRAF is hosting a special evening of performances with Nina Beier, Chosil Kil, Alvin Lucier, Eddie Peake, and Steve Reich on Thursday 11 October, 7–9pm.

Events and Performances for A House of Leaves – First Movement are produced with Absolute Art Bureau. Benoît Maire’s intervention is supported by Institut Français du Royaume-Uni. Our Media Partner is MOUSSE Magazine.

David Roberts Art Foundation
Symes Mews
London, NW1 7JE

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