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Kunsthal KAdE announces Expected. Space Drawings

Kunsthal KAdE presents Expected. Space Drawings, an exhibition on view 19 January – 31 March 2013.

Kunsthal KAdE Photo: John Lewis Marshall

The exhibition Space Drawings brings together nine contemporary artists who, although they all use forms and techniques related to drawing, share a very broad interpretation of drawing, using it in an explicitly spatial sense.

Traditional media like ink and paper are supplemented or replaced by other materials, like iron wire, tape and wooden bars. The artists no longer limit themselves to drawing on a two-dimensional surface, instead, they let the drawings dispense into space, into the area of the sculptor and the spectator.

In a playful visual interaction, the relation to space is being examined. This scope, outside of the limited architecture in which the exhibition takes place, shifts between the mental and physical scope of the human body, and the immeasurability of time and universe.
The exploration of these domains seems inextricably connected to releasing the relatively safe environment of the two-dimensional surface. The artwork is about the physical experience as well as the functionality of the direct environment. Feelings of safety and security are being explored. It becomes clear that nothing is definitive; even seemingly solid buildings are living a life of their own.

Participating artists: Thijs Ebbe Fokkens, Katharina Galland, Heidi Linck, Aam Solleveld –

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