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Delfina Foundation announces Abbas Akhavan Study for a Garden

Delfina Foundation announces Abbas Akhavan Study for a Garden, an exhibition on view 9 October–20 November 2012.

Abbas Akhavan, Study for a Garden, 2012. Courtesy the artist.

Delfina Foundation presents its final exhibition before a major renovation by London-based architects Studio Octopi and Cairo-based Shahira Fahmy Architects. In 2013, Delfina Foundation will expand from its current location at 29 Catherine Place, near Buckingham Palace, into an adjacent townhouse at 31 Catherine Place, doubling its exhibition space and creating London’s largest programme of international residencies for artists, writers and curators.

Opening during Frieze Art Fair week, Study for a Garden is the first UK solo exhibition by the Toronto-based Iranian artist Abbas Akhavan. During a 10-week residency at Delfina Foundation, Akhavan has produced new artworks in response to 31 Catherine Place. The exhibition will offer a unique experience of the building before Delfina Foundation’s expansion and re-opening in autumn 2013.

Akhavan’s practice ranges from site-specific ephemeral installations to drawing, video and performance. Much of his early works explore the relationship between the house and nation state and how the trauma and systemic violence enacted upon civilians can be inherited and re-enacted within the family lineage. More recent works have shifted focus onto spaces just outside the home—the garden, the backyard, and other domesticated landscapes.

Folding the border between the garden and the domestic space, Study for a Garden explores the intrusion of nature into the house where familiar spaces have gradually been invaded by foreign elements. The trespass of water and vegetation into various rooms of the house is a continuation of Akhavan’s research into the relationship between foreign and familiar, hospitable and hostile, domestic and wild. From the front door to the upstairs bedroom and back to the basement, the installations made of invasive plant species and hedges govern the audience’s movements, rendering them at times as guests and at times trespassers. These territorial gardens are about the naturalisation of barriers; every garden is a guarded space, an enclosure, a compound. Water, vegetation and gardening tools create discriminatory spaces, keeping some species alive and others dead.

The residency and exhibition are in partnership with Canada House Arts Trust and Iran Heritage Foundation. The opening reception is in association with The Third Line Gallery (Dubai, UAE).

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