ARTIUM Basque Museum-Centre of Contemporary Art announces new season of exhibitions

ARTIUM Basque Museum-Centre of Contemporary Art announces new season of exhibitions, opening Friday, October 5, 8pm.

PULL THE THREAD is a project of the ARTIUM Collection, organised to commemorate the Museum-Center’s 10th anniversary. Three very different exhibitions are grouped under this title: Mirror image,Visceral soul, and Montage of attractions. Each exhibition begins with the same work by Jorge Oteiza, which provides the starting point in each case. The work in question is Homenaje a Velázquez, the culmination of the “experimental proposal” of this Basque artist: a study of the relationship between vacuum and matter, the sacred and the human.

Mirror image
South Gallery
Curator: Enrique Martínez Goikoetxea

The exhibition echoes the dissection that art makes of its own history, of the role of the artist, his context and functions. Mirror image focuses on the needs of art to analyse itself in an effort of self-regulation, knowledge and reference. The concept of the autonomy of art, art for art’s sake, which began with the idealistic aesthetic, become one of its basic premises throughout the modern period and is still in force today.

The authors selected for this exhibition include names such as Pablo Picasso, Miquel Barceló, Pablo Serrano, Prudencio Irazabal and Txomin Badiola.

Visceral soul
Lower East gallery
Curator: Daniel Castillejo

The proposal is an approximation to the interior of the person, the dark and transgressive side of our nature, a point of access to a greater knowledge of oneself, following the need to create an image of the uneasy nature of human beings, of their desires, anxieties and possibilities. Introspection is one of the main generators of Visceral soul, with works that go beyond social conventions and agreements, delving into those that because of their grotesque, immoral or irregular nature have been excluded from the common space.

The authors selected for this exhibition include names such as Antoni Tàpies, Vicente Ameztoy, Humberto Rivas, Antonio Saura, Juan Luis Moraza and Pérez Villalta.

Montage of attractions
North Gallery
Curator: Blanca de la Torre

This third approach adopts the cinema as reference, establishing a number of parallel stagings of exhibition and film editing in order to develop a story used to review the collection in its social political aspects, with any contradictions and complexities these might involve.

PRAXIS. Beatriz Olabarrieta.
North Gallery, from October 16, 2012 until December
Curator: Blanca de la Torre

On this occasion, Beatriz Olabarrieta will create a piece associated with the world of science fiction. This Bilbao-born artist will explore concepts such as self-replication. Applied to robotics as an area of research within the realms of science fiction, any self-replication mechanism that does not make a perfect copy will lead to the creation of different variants that will be subjected to a process of natural selection, as the variants that best endure the environmental conditions will be the survivors.

The Praxis programme has links with the DIY (do-it-yourself) culture and emerges as a laboratory or experimental workshop of a dynamic, complementary nature and generates an alternative, independent module to the annual programme. The process by which the project is being developed can be followed on a daily basis via the blog.

And you, what do you collect? (Educational exhibition)
From 6 October 2012 to 29 June 2013
Curator: Charo Garaigorta

And you, what do you collect? is an educational project that invites us to reflect on different aspects of collecting on the occasion of the exhibitions presented of the Museum-Center’s permanent collection. It is also a space for exchanging ideas, in which members of the public can interact and contribute their own ideas by taking part in the two activities proposed.

ARTIUM (2002–2012): graphical and documentary report.
(Bibliographic exhibition)
Seminar gallery, from 6 October 2012 to 1 April 2013
Curator: Elena Roseras

Exhibition that documents the history of the museum since its inauguration 10 years ago, through the catalogues, brochures, invitations and posters it has published, as well as the graphical information and newspaper articles written about the Centre.

Taking all the graphical documentation relating to the origins of ARTIUM as its starting point, a chronological review of the exhibitions and activities of the Museum is proposed, offering the information that has been used to organise, manage and disseminate these activities. This documentation may be consulted through a virtual content manager.

East facade of the ARTIUM building, until December 2012
Curator: Blanca de la Torre

Grey Flag arises from the need to demonstrate the existence of art as a necessity, seen through the work of a number of artists who refer to the art world itself, its ideas and situations and treated in all cases with a certain sense of humour, irony or sarcasm.

The title of the project, Grey Flag, derives from Black flag, the British anarchist newspaper and white flag, the flag of surrender, thus combining a recovery of the anarchist attitude and aesthetic and the need to see all shades of grey as possible, especially in view of the current economic, political and moral crisis.

Participating artists: Kepa Garraza, Juan Pérez Aguirregoikoa, Laurina Paperina, Artemio and Francesc Ruiz, among others.

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