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Museum Van Loon presents Foam in Van Loon III. Danielle van Ark

In 2005 and 2009 Museum Van Loon showed its hospitality towards Foam_ Fotografie Museum Amsterdam which is located directly opposite the museum, across the Keizersgracht canal.

Danielle van Ark, Untitled from the series Everything Fell into the Right Hands, 2009 © Daniëlle van Ark

In the fall of 2012 Foam temporarily closes its doors once again to organize a large retrospective on Diane Arbus, but remains open to the public at the Museum Van Loon.

This time photographer Daniëlle van Ark has been invited by Foam to be inspired by the house of the Van Loon family, resulting in the remarkable exhibition Foam in Van Loon III, Daniëlle van Ark.

Power and status, transience and mortality are recurring themes in the work of Daniëlle van Ark.

In this exhibition she presents photographs and installations in which these themes are expressed, for instance by photographing women with their jewellery. She also investigates her own position in these themes.

Daniëlle van Ark (1974) studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and lives and works in Amsterdam. She is resident of the Government Academy of Art 2012-2013. She received several nominations from numerous national institutions among which the Steenbergen Stipend, the Bouw in Beeld Prize and the 2011 National Portrait Prize.

She has made her international breakthrough with her series For Art’s Sake, in which she registered on film class awareness and differences, and attitudes and of the New York and Chelsea art circles during openings in art galleries.

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