Stadel Museum announces Raphael Drawings exhibition

Stadel Museum presents Raphael Drawings, an exhibition on view 7 November to 3February, 2012.

More than almost any other artist, Raphael (1483–1520) shaped the development of art in the Western world. Along with Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Dürer, he is one of the great artists who laid the foundation for the modern age. Until well into the nineteenth century, Raphael’s drawings and paintings were considered exemplary, and they continued to influence art up to the advent of modernism. Comprising forty-five works by the artist’s own hand, this will be the first exhibition in Germany to focus on the subject of Raphael’s drawings. In four thematic workgroups it will illustrate the emergence and the maturation of Raphael’s consummate narrative style which was to bear such a formative impact on the history painting of succeeding centuries. The eleven works in the Städel Museum’s possession represent the largest and most significant collection of Raphael drawings in Germany. For the show, they will be supplemented with valuable loans from important collections in other countries.

Curators: Dr Joachim Jacoby, Dr Martin Sonnabend (Städel Museum) –