Buchanan Museum of Fine Art Opens Emerging Artists Exhibition

The Buchanan Museum of Fine Art announce the opening of its East and West Building wings to new exhibits focused exclusively upon Emerging Artists which includes selected works of International realist artist Harry Ahn which has generated record museum attendance and exhibit viewing. Also exhibited are selected works by artists, Charles Pace, David Padworny, Peter Keil, Julie Bowland and Connie Tom.

Recognized as Southwestern Michigan’s largest public art museum, the Buchanan Museum of Fine Art is focused exclusively on the conservation, preservation and exhibition of historic works of American and European art. Underwritten by private investment and the volunteer efforts of prominent citizens Southwestern Michigan, the Buchanan Museum Collection is housed in the nationally recognized Collins & Weaver Opera House (circa 1867). Historically, the Buchanan “Opera House” served as a cultural center to Southwestern Michigan, with music, theatre, lectures, political caucuses, socials and graduations held on premises. Notably, this historic site also served some of the first motion picture showings held in the early 20th Century. The Buchanan Museum of Fine Art is proud to continue with its heritage, with ongoing contributions to art education through the exhibition historic works of fine art. The Buchanan Museum is a proud member of the Michigan Museums Association and is open to the General Public weekdays, Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm. Admission is free. http://www.BuchananMuseum.org