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Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea (CGAC) opens Forbidden Vibrations

Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea (CGAC) presents Forbidden Vibrations, an exhibition on view, 16 November 2012–10 March 2013.

In the same way as cinema or the press, pop and rock music could not escape the grasp of censorship. But in contrast to the first, the repression became harsher with regards to the latter just when the Franco regime was starting to cautiously open up. The authorities were aware of the role that music had placed in the international revolts of the sixties and tried to limit its influence in a Spain that was becoming more and more developed and cosmopolitan. Censorship forced the production of new covers—that today have become valuable collectors’ items—in order to redo the most scandalous ones or eliminate uncomfortable references contained in the lyrics. Forbidden Vibrations reviews the mechanisms and outcome of the censorship carried out by Franco’s dictatorship in the world of pop and rock music, through the covers of records and the reports of the censors.

Curated by Xavier Valiño and Héctor Fouce

Centro Galego De Arte
Contemporánea (CGAC)
Ramón del Valle Inclán s/n
15704 Santiago de Compostela