National Museum of Literature presents Breathing Space by Bora Petkova

National Museum of Literature presents “Breathing Space”, a site-specific project by Bora Petkova with the special participation of HR-Stamenov and the work “Ambiguous Activities”. On view 30 November to 23 December 2012.
Opening 29 November from 5pm.

Bora Petkova “Breathing Space”

“Breathing Space” is a temporary artistic intervention in the permanent exposition of Peyo K. Yavorov House Museum located at “G. S. Rakovski” Str. 136 in Sofia.

The project explores the relationship between the life and work of P. K. Yavorov and the features of the house museum, by the means of site-specific video and audio installations.

The title “Breathing Space” at the context of the life and work of P. K. Yavorov, comes to consider the idea of Death as a short pause, separating but also making the leap between two eternities: the notion of Eternity in the poetry of P.K.Yavorov and the eternity of his poetry.

The project is designed with respect to the мuseum activities as a whole, the historical significance of the building as a Culture monument, as well to the authenticity of the permanent exposition of the museum.

“Breathing Space” is kindly hosted by the National Museum of Literature and G.L.A.F.A.M.B and is supported by the Gaudenz B. Ruf Award.

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