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Fri-Art Kunsthalle Freiburg Seeks Curator

Fri-Art, Kunsthalle Freiburg is seeking a curator to plan, organise and manage its artistic programme.

The main responsibilities will be to organise between four and five exhibitions per year, to manage the exhibition budget and to oversee all planning and administrative aspects of each exhibition. The curator will also be in charge of organising events, providing information and securing sponsorship for the exhibitions.

The curator shall actively engage with community groups, individuals and the authorities at both the local and regional levels, and shall forge strong artistic and cultural links with a view to further the reputation of Fri-Art.

The curator can rely on the support and assistance of the Centre’s administrator.

Fri-Art seeks a curator who has the necessary expertise to raise the profile of the Centre, not only locally but also nationally and internationally. To this end, she/he should have in-depth knowledge of 20th- and 21st-century art, relevant professional experience, an inclusive attitude to the creative arts, as well as an extensive network of contacts in the fields of culture and contemporary art.

She/he must also have excellent interpersonal and management skills, including the ability to work productively with the Centre’s administrator. The curator should be fluent in either French or German, but have excellent knowledge of the other language. Proficiency in English is also required.

The post is for a fixed-term contract of three years, but this may be extended by a further two years.

Closing date for applications: 4 January 2013
Start date: TBD, 1 September 2013 at the latest

Applications (cover letter, CV and a detailed project description of no more than five pages) should be sent to Ms. Anne-Sophie Cosandey ([email protected]).

For queries or further information, please contact Mr. Laurent Steiert, President of the Association Committee ([email protected]).

Application deadline: 4 January 2013
Fri-Art, Kunsthalle Freiburg
Petites-Rames 22
1700 Fribourg