AppArtAward 2012 Highlights

The ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and its partners presented the AppArtAward for the second time on July 13th, 2012. The prize awards the best work of art in App format that distinguished themselves as advanced artistic applications. In addition to the aesthetic aspects, focus is placed on the creative integration and use of technological possibilities. The renowned jury members selected winner apps in the categories “Prize for Artistic Innovation”, “Special Prize for Game Art” and “Special Prize for Cloud Art” from over 80 submissions.

At the exhibition, visitors may view and test the winner Apps themselves, as well as a selection of the best submissions of the AppArtAward 2012.

Winner App “Prize for Artistic Innovation”:
konsonant, 2012, application for iOS
The app konsonant is a creative survey of letters, sound, and technology. It contains four different sound games with which it is possible to search the alphabet specifically for consonants. The user may put the letters in movement, make acoustic machines from them, create sound paths, and experiment with short musical artifacts. website

Winner App “Special Prize for Game Art”:
Globosome FREE, 2012, application for iOS
Globosome FREE deals with balance, responsibility, and dexterity. With an intuitively useable gyro controller, the players can steer a planteating sphere, which has become separated from its swarm and which is now attempting to return to it or to establish its own swarm. If the sphere eats enough, it receives sufficient life energy to reproduce itself through the separation. However, if the sphere lapses into gluttony, the resources become scarce, and the life of the growing swarm is endangered. website

Winner App “Special Prize for Cloud Art”:
Electric Sheep (Infinite Evolving Live Wallpaper), 2012, application for Android
The Electric Sheep is a form of artificial life, which is to say it is software that recreates the biological phenomena of evolution and reproduction though mathematics. The system is made up of man and machine with 450,000 participant computers and people all over the Internet. This is a distributed system, with all participating computers working together to form a supercomputer that renders animations, called sheep, that everyone sees. The human participants guide the survival of the fittest by voting for their favorite animations in the flock. website

Further Apps: confaBOT (2011), Finger Battle (2011), Flight of the Fireflies (2012), Konfetti (2012), Orphion, (2011), Paint of War (2012), PhiLia 01 (2009), Pussy Malone (2012), Wimmelburg (2011), Zeitfenster (2012)

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