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Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and The Martin Agency announce Dale Chihuly exhibition app

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and The Martin Agency announced a joint effort that brings to life works of art by artist Dale Chihuly. To complement Chihuly’s exhibition at VMFA, The Martin Agency worked with Unit9 in London to create the first ever glassblowing iPhone app, inspired by Chihuly’s unique art process.

The app, available on all Apple iOS devices, allows Chihuly fans to design their own virtual creations through a process inspired by Chihuly’s series works. The user is able to select from three distinct Chihuly forms: Fiori, Macchia and Seaforms. From there, the user will be prompted to blow into the iPhone to shape virtual molten glass into a unique piece inspired by Chihuly’s art. The user can bend, curve and mold their work of art in 3D and add texture, color and more shapes until their creation is complete.

The finished art can be shared on the user’s Facebook timeline or Twitter feed as well as posted to the gallery of user creations on VMFA’s Facebook page. The Chihuly app is intended to educate users about how glass artworks are conceived and executed. The app is expected to raise the artist’s profile with a younger demographic of art enthusiasts as well as those less familiar with his work.

• Use real Chihuly styles like Fiori, Macchia, and Seaform
• Form shapes by blowing into your device, including full support for iPhone 5
• Bend, curve, and mold with a touch
• Create virtual installations by adding more shapes
• Explore art created by other users in full 3D
• Follow Chihuly’s life and work with a complete timeline

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPod Touch (4th & 5th Generation). Requires iOS 5 or later.