Łaznia Centre For Contemporary Art opens 15 December

On Saturday, 15th of December, Łaźnia 2 opens its doors in the New Port district of Gdańsk. The new interiors of the former bathhouse are a part of revitalization process of New Port.

The multilayered program of the opening will bring local, contemporary artists who were invited to create new, site-specific works, paying heed to the local context, focusing on the extensive legacy that the port industry left behind.

The White Box of Mr. Dora performance by Transformal Theatre of Sfinks
The audience will be invited to take part in the dynamic process of twisting and turning the “white box” of the gallery space. Their carefully structured choreography will make an attempt to reflect on bold declarations of architects, curators and artists, in contrast to the traditions of New Port, a district of social enclave. Their oeuvre will concentrate on the process of searching and finding common values.

An extensive parallel events program will accompany the opening, staging a selection of outdoor interventions, illumination installations in the public space and a screening of a film featuring the local community.

Transformal Theatre of Sfinks: Alicja Gruca, Małgorzata Żerwe, Anna Steller, Robert Florczak, Kacper Ołowski, Wiesław Synakiewicz, Krzysztof Dziemaszkiewicz, Piotr Pawlak, Krzysztof Czerny and students of Master’s Programme in Art in Public Space Faculty of Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk, A KuKu Sztuka, Local Community and Neighbours.
+ members of Special Education and Training Centre no.2 in Gdańsk

The eclectic program of the opening will also showcase a number of Łaźnia’s diverse educational activities, with the participation of: Foundation Nasza Przestrzeń (Anna Dukowska/ Robert Dukowski), Publishing House TAKO (Maria Dembek, Robin McAulay, Aleksandra Wiese/ Łukasz Wiesse), HATI (Rafał Iwański i Rafał Kołacki), Nowy Port Sztuki (Marcin Bildziuk), Women OK project (Ola Romanowska, Katarzyna Rajczyk-Bauć), Piotr Połoczański, Osiem Życzeń Foundation (Antonio Xavier, Barbara Secke, Agnieszka Kopierniak, Tomasz Solich), Radek Cetner

Celebrate the opening with us. Everyone’s invited!

This exciting new venue will incorporate artists’ residences and exhibition space to showcase the best in contemporary art. It will also provide space for educational facilities, an animation studio, a library and a cinema.

The extensive residential program, which is about to start in 2013, will facilitate artists with 8 specifically designed studios to live, work and co-operate on projects. The common space will provide potential for many types of art-based activities such as discussions, film screenings, exhibitions and social events. National and international artists are welcomed to apply.

Łaźnia 2 intends to support innovative contemporary art practice for residencies in two fields mainly:
-Participatory art using local community and the New Port district as its point of departure for the long term development of the area.
-Art & Science where artists will broadly explore relationships between today’s art and modern technologies

Łaźnia 2
ul. Strajku Dokerów 5
Gdańsk, Nowy Port