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Bildmuseet presents Communitas

Bildmuseet presents Communitas, on view February 10, 2013. What is our relationship to the city? What ideas and methods are available that can enable the creation of a better city, and who decides the course of future urban development? Can we find a way to make the city ours, if only for the moment? The exhibition Communitas aims to inspire, excite curiosity and generate a debate about the city as our communal space.

Jordi Colomer, L’Avenir, 2011. Video installation and model of the Phalanstère. ©Vegap.

Currently, Umeå in Sweden is undergoing great change. New buildings are under construction and the city will be the European Capital of Culture in 2014. Communitas presents examples of artists’ and architects’ visionary ideas about the possible future of cities. Experimental strategies and playful interactions that create new stories are displayed. The exhibition acknowledges different disciplines and methods of working. This is not necessarily a place for experts, nor for clear questions and answers, but is more of an open forum for innovative, untested approaches to cities and their inhabitants. Communitas is a Latin noun that refers to a society where people are equals, or to community spirit.

The artists and architects participating in the exhibition are Die Baupiloten (Germany), Jordi Colomer (Spain), Jimenez Lai (USA), Listen to the City (South Korea), (Germany, the Netherlands and the UK), m7red (Argentina), Royce Ng (Australia), PKMN (Spain) and Rakett (Norway). A number of workshops and lectures will be held in connection with the exhibition. The current programme is available on the website.

S-90187 Umeå