Louisiana Museum announces Andy Warhol – Early Drawings exhibition

Louisiana Museum presents Andy Warhol – Early Drawings, an exhibition on view 8. January – 21. February 2013.

It is extremely rare for the discovery of an art treasure to point to new directions in an artist’s oeuvre, but that is exactly what has happened – as something of a sensation – with the unusual unearthing of more than 250 drawings from one of the most important artists of the twentieth century – Andy Warhol.

The drawings constitute an exceptional collection of fine drawings showing what an outstanding draughtsman Warhol was. Many of the drawings are of a sketch-like character with subjects which the artist, with his acute eye, selected and traced from newspapers and magazines and transformed with his simple line into images. A pictorial universe that was even then unmistakably Warholean and a foretaste of the Pop Art that was to come in the next decade.

A selection of about 200 of the drawings can be experienced for the first time at a museum. – www.louisiana.dk