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Museum Frieder Burda opens Matta. Fictions

Museum Frieder Burda presents Matta. Fictions, an exhibition, showing about 30 large-scale works by this Chilean-born artist in a focused retrospective, on view January, 19 until June, 2, 2013. The exhibition „Matta. Fictions“ stretches from Matta’s beginnings as a Surrealist through to his panoramic paintings of the 1990s.

Matta L´Impencible 1957 82,5 x 103 cm oil on canvas private collection © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2012

Matta was one of the most influential painters of the 20th century. His works can be seen in museums around the world. He was in close contact with Surrealists such as Dalí, André Breton and Marcel Duchamp, with whom he began exhibiting in 1938. Trained as an architect, Matta developed his ideas on the relationship of space to human beings while working at the Paris studio of Le Corbusier. In the 1940s, while living in exile in New York City, Matta anticipated important developments in Abstract Expressionism. After the Second World War, his machine figures reflected political and social events of the day. Matta’s painting style shifts between figuration and abstraction, creating cosmic fictional spaces that reflect contemporary history. His often overwhelmingly large paintings anticipated the fantastic worlds found in works of science fiction and computer games.

This exhibition illustrates the cosmopolitan life Matta led between Santiago de Chile, Paris, Rome and New York and demonstrates his amazing relevance to contemporary painting.

Matta. Fictions brings together works from all of Matta’s creative periods, including three-dimensional installations in several parts that encompass the view and pull him or her into the fictional space. Matta’s architectural vision finds its expression in the space between the image and the viewer in such installations. The curving walls of the exhibition will reflect his concept of image space which is based on the organic curves and hollows found in the human body.

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