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Kunsthaus Zurich receives around 250,000 visitors during 2012

With 248,644 admissions to the end of 2012, the Kunsthaus Zürich experienced a below-average year. Membership of the Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft remained virtually unchanged, at over 21,000.

As expected, the 2012 programme attracted fewer visitors to the Kunsthaus Zürich. 248,644 admissions were recorded (compared with 355,073 in 2011). With an eye to the vote on the extension, the Kunsthaus opted to focus on presenting the form and content of the new building and did not stage any blockbuster exhibitions during the year. Membership of the Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft, the Kunsthaus’s patron organization, remained virtually stable, at 21,198 compared with 21,652 in the previous year.

Lower income from the exhibitions depressed the operating result. As forecast at the start of the year, the interim accounts reveal a deficit that can be partially compensated by the release of reserves specifically created for that purpose. The 2012 annual financial statements are expected to show a loss of around CHF 385,000. The Kunsthaus is forecasting a balanced result for 2013. A significant proportion of income is immediately invested – in museum software, new servers and a point-of-sale system incorporating an advance sales option.

As of 1 January 2013, prices for group admissions (20 persons and more) have been lowered to CHF 10 from CHF 12 in the collection and CHF 18 instead of CHF 20 for a combined ticket including both the collection and all temporary exhibitions. –

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