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Kunsthallen Brandts opens David Svensson. Stories of Glass and Light

Kunsthallen Brandts opens David Svensson. Stories of Glass and Light, an exhibition on view 25 January–25 August 2013.

David Svensson, Old World Rise Again, 2012.

Swedish artist David Svensson’s (b.1973) exhibition Old World Rise Again is a magical journey through a series of compact and unique universes of light and shadows. The visually and sensually seductive worlds experiment with the formal aspects of sculpture but also challenge the viewer’s encounter with them.

Old World Rise Again consists of nine works in total, four of which are created from lamps, lighting and glass. The other works are made from fabrics and a series of graphic pages from books. These everyday objects, most of which were first introduced many years ago, are presented in new contexts both as proponents of nostalgia and as active drivers of fresh stories. Through this relationship, a narrative layer is carved out.

The exhibition title Old World Rise Again is a reference to another work of the same name. The work consists of ceiling lamps made from glass that would have hung from mainly Swedish and Danish homes during the 1960s and ’70s. You might still be able to find such moulded, often brown-coloured lamps in flea markets today. The lamps are now a redundant and outdated product, but Svensson’s work transforms some 400 of these ornate lamps into a captivating light sculpture. The objects are able to transport us to a bygone era but also capable of creating new stories.

The sculptures are a testimony of the artist’s fascination of surfaces, mirrors, transparency, and the utilisation of the viewer’s reflection. Svensson creates seductive spaces inhabited by regular everyday objects and in the process opens the gates for philosophical discussions about the relationship between artists and such commonplace items.

David Svensson has been trained, amongst other institutions, at Olso Art Academy, and holds a masters degree in Fine Arts from Mälmo Art Academy. The artist has exhibited since 1997, primarily in Scandinavia, but also several times in the USA. Svensson’s work is currently on display in numerous museums and he has received several awards and critical acclaim.

Kunsthallen Brandts
Brandts Torv 1
5000 Odense, Denmark

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