Kunstverein Gottingen Exhibitions for 2013

Movements of Migration
March 3–March 31, 2013
Initiated by Sabine Hess at the Department for Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology, University of Göttingen, Movements of Migration explores local histories of migration through student research projects challenging perceptions of the region as culturally homogenous. With an exhibition space conceived by Ralf Homann and Florian Wüst and works produced in collaboration with students by Charalambos Ganitos, Luise Marbach, Britta Wernecke, and other artists, the exhibition and parcours through the city offer fresh perspectives on migration as a contemporary German phenomenon.

Nina Tobien
June 16–July 28, 2013
In 2009 Nina Tobien (b. 1978, Hanau) traveled to 12 countries throughout the globe as potentially the first person to witness all 13 true astronomical full moons in a single year. Since then an extensive body of work has emerged around her interest in the relationship and antagonism between science and magic, method and intuition. In her exhibition Tobien’s surrealistically intoned installations and collages bring together curiosities, cultural artifacts, and visual fragments suggesting an expansive and highly subjective system of knowledge.

Paule Hammer
September 1–October 20, 2013
In Paule Hammer’s (b. 1975, Leipzig) paintings and installations, personal realities and private philosophies are woven into dense, pop-inspired compositions of text and image. The exhibition brings together two recent series: Interview Magazine is based on dialogical situations in his studio, where individuals are invited to sit for a portrait and a recorded interview. In World Encyclopedia, journal-like sketchbook pages are expanded into large-scale installations of Hammer’s internal musings on the subjects of philosophy, perception, and natural history.

If Mind Were All There Was
October 27–December 23, 2013
Participants: Steve Rushton, Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan, Toon Koehorst & Jannetje in’t Veld, Florian Göttke, Martine van Kampen, Stijn Verhoeff, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, ADA, Anna Okrasko, Katarina Zdjelar, and Maartje Fliervoet

The exhibition presents the work of 12 artists, designers, and curators whose practice involves research-based investigations on themes ranging from political borders, urban space, migration, and interdisciplinary process. In cooperation with the AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz, an International residency program run by Aleksander Komarov, Susanne Kriemann, and Ilka Tödt, the exhibition is an examination of “artist research” as both a catchword and an established artistic methodology.

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