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Hammer Museum presents Llyn Foulkes retrospective

The Hammer Museum presents a Llyn Foulkes retrospective, on view from February 3 to May 19, 2013. Llyn Foulkes. Who’s on Third?, 1971-73. Oil on canvas. 48 x 39 in. (121.9 x 99.1 cm). John […]

Nam June Paik Art Center announce Tireless Refrain

Nam June Paik Art Center announce Tireless Refrain, an exhibition on view 7 February–16 June 2013. A refrain is a repeated phrase inserted throughout a song or poem, which is less to do with conveying […]

Newseum announce JFK exhibition

Newseum announces JFK an exhibition opening on April 12, 2013, featuring the following exhibits and film: image of John, Jacqueline and Caroline Kennedy was captured by Jacques Lowe, Kennedy’s personal photographer, during his first photo […]

Kadist Art Foundation present Zhou Tao The Training

Kadist Art Foundation present Zhou Tao The Training, an exhibition on view at at Kadist Paris: February 2–April 14, 2013. Zhou Tao, After Reality (still), 2012–2013. Since November 2012, Kadist artist-in-residence Zhou Tao (b.1976) has […]

Kadist Art Foundation 2013 Events

Residency Program in Paris Clark House Initiative (India), March–May Nicolás Paris (Colombia), September–November Residency Program in San Francisco Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (Korea), February–March White Fungus magazine (Taiwan), April–May Joachim Koester (Denmark), September–November, in collaboration […]

Brooklyn Museum Opens Exhibition of Work by Marela Zacarias

Brooklyn Museum presents anxhibition of work by Marela Zacarias on view February 1 through April 28, 2013. Zacarias is the seventh artist in the continuing Raw/Cooked series of work by under-the-radar-Brooklyn artists, presented with support […]