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Secession announces Miriam Bajtala in meinem Namen

Secession announces Miriam Bajtala in meinem Namen on view February 27–April 21, 2013.

Miriam Bajtala, in meinem Namen, 2013. Video still.

In videos, drawings and sculptures, as well as text-based works and performative installations, Miriam Bajtala deals with perception and the parameters that define and modify it such as space, time, and context. Speech, written text, vocal variations, and the loss and acquisition of language are both the subject and the means for her artistic analysis and appropriation. In a new work devised especially for the exhibition at the Secession, titled in meinem Namen (in my Name), 2013, Bajtala addresses and questions her role as an artist by juxtaposing the way she sees herself with the views of four other cultural producers. The inaugural address for the show serves Bajtala as a starting point from which to approach the issue of speaking about artistic production—mainly delegated to others—self-reflexively reclaiming the way the work is communicated.

Miriam Bajtala, born in 1970 in Bratislava, lives and works in Vienna.

Friedrichstrasse 12, 1010 Vienna

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