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Frye Art Museum opens Nicolai Fechin exhibition

Frye Art Museum presents an exhibition of work by Nicolai Fechin on view FEBRUARY 9, 2013 – MAY 19, 2013.

Nicolai Fechin. Lady in Pink (Portrait of Natalia Podbelskaya), 1912. Oil on canvas. 45 ½ x 35 in. Frye Art Museum, 1990.005.

The exhibition Nicolai Fechin, curated by Frye Director Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker, provides a rare opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of this important émigré painter. With fifty-five paintings and drawings from the holdings of the Frye Art Museum, museums in the United States, and private lenders in both Russia and the United States, Nicolai Fechin concentrates on the early Russian period of the artist’s career, a period in which the Frye Art Museum has particular strength, and concludes with paintings from Fechin’s time in Taos and California. It is the first major overview of Fechin’s work at the Frye Art Museum since 1976.

A protégé of the Russian master Ilya Repin, Nicolai Fechin burst onto the international scene only two years earlier, at the 1909 International Exhibition of the Munich Künstlergenossenschaft (Artists’ Association) where he was awarded a Medal, 2nd class. With an invitation to participate in the international exhibition of the Munich Secession in 1910, and in the Annual Exhibition at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh the same year, Fechin’s portraits and depictions of peasant life in Russia became a significant “modern” presence in the major exhibitions of the day in both Europe and the United States.

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