Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art present NAVID NUUR PHANTOM FUEL

Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art present NAVID NUUR PHANTOM FUEL an exhibition on view 13 March–19 May 2013.

Navid Nuur
Navid Nuur, BROKEN CIRCLE, 2011. Neon, gas, broken glass, diameter 120 cm. Rabo Art Collection. © Navid Nuur.

Nuur’s work is based on phenomenological experience. He commonly attributes transformative properties to found objects, thereby repositioning their function, meaning and impact in ways that provide viewers with a whole new way of seeing and experiencing. Whilst often sculptural in form, Nuur’s works are neither sculpture nor installations. Rather, he frequently uses the term ‘interimodules’ (part ‘interim’, part ‘module’).

Visitors to Nuur’s exhibition find themselves invariably in an active state where they not only are supposed to discover, but also at times might have to act or react. They will witness, for example, a work melting, trash becoming theory, a functioning neon tube becoming a grave to part of another, a split-second metamorphosing into jewellery, voice materialising, and along with all this movement comes a mandatory experience.

Although often referred to as a conceptual artist, Nuur’s art refuses to be simply the physical manifestation of an idea or concept. Rather, his work is imbued with a certain feeling and subjectivity, in which temporary or interim situations and opportunities play an important role. About his work, Nuur says: ‘Many of my pieces begin with an object or an idea that irritates me.’ For example, the work Where you end and I begin, 2011–2013, on show at Parasol unit, is about the full stop at the end of the exhibition wall text. Nuur has taken out this punctuation mark and has enlarged it hundreds of times until the full stop itself posits its own objectivity. The framed work is exhibited beside this wall text. Of this process, Nuur says, ‘the dot, an object derived from information about my work, holds the key to my artistic practice, while the text explaining my practice has been turned back into art.’

Born in Tehran, Iran, in 1976, Navid Nuur currently lives and works in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Related events and educational programme:

Saturday 6 April, 2:30–4pm
Launching the Storytelling Project for Families: The Experience of Things
Join broadcaster and sound artist Fari Bradley in this workshop combining drama and radio to construct stories around objects in Navid Nuur’s exhibition. Participants will use audio recorders and studio speakers to create a story complete with live sound effects.
Suitable for 5–15 year olds

Wednesday 17 April, 7pm
“Object as Process”: Lecture by Professor James Williams
An expert on Gilles Deleuze, Professor James Williams will use the philosophy of time and Nuur’s work to discuss how objects are not simply inert and subject to our will. They are multiple on-going processes, haunting and constructing us, even when we think we control and understand them.

Thursday 2 May (First Thursday)
Traces of Action | Creation of Acts
An evening of performance and sound that responds to the exhibition. Featuring new work by Dante Rendle-Traynor, Iranian avant-garde group Parstronix, and electronic sound artist Jeremy Hubbard, and durational, interactive project I see the world through stars… by Lucy Bannister.

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