Natural History Museum opens Sensational Butterflies exhibition

Natural History Museum presents it’s Sensational Butterflies exhibition open 29 March – 15 September 2013.

butterflies and moths emerging
Watch butterflies and moths emerging from their chrysalises in the butterfly house hatchery.

Discover the transition of egg to chomping caterpillar and chrysalis to beautiful butterfly inside the tropical butterfly house. See what species you can spot from all over the world, fluttering above and among the dense foliage of plants and flowers.

Experience more than 50 live butterfly and moth species from around the world up close, like South Asia’s giant Atlas moth, Attacus atlas, to the popular Blue morpho, Morpho peleides, from South America.

Learn about eggs, chrysalis, wings and how butterflies sense things

Do butterfly challenges and follow the trail to get stamps.

Peep into the hatchery window and watch butterflies and moths emerging out of chrysalises.

Ask the butterfly house manager and staff your own butterfly questions.