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Museum Angewandte Kunst Reopening

Under its new director Matthias Wagner K, the Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main, has developed a new presentation concept, which will depart from the permanent display form dedicated to stylistic eras and geographical regions, and work instead with temporary thematic room modules within whose framework a virtually endless abundance of exhibition events can be realized. With a view to the museum’s extremely heterogeneous collection, the aim will be to create relationships between what has been, what is, and what will be, and to present the museum’s own holdings side by side with loans in a wide range of different contextualizations.

The New Exhibitions

Korea Power: Design and Identity
As a mass producer of consumer goods, South Korea is today one of the leading industrial nations. Korea Power will be the first extensive exhibition in Germany to focus on contemporary Korean product and graphic design. The show aims to shed light on the “Korean identity” that has developed hand in hand with the emergence of a modern nation. To this end, we will show works by the legendary Korean advertising photographer Kim Han-Yong dating from the post-Korean-War reconstruction phase. Shots of Seoul and Pyongyang by the German architectural photographer Dieter Leistner—striking portraits of the divided country – will also be on view. Curated by Klaus Klemp and Hehn-Chu Ahn.

Design made in Frankfurt, 1925-1985: Das Frankfurter Zimmer
Frankfurt looks back on a distinguished design tradition, which has consistently focussed on functionality and tended towards a rigorous aesthetic. The Frankfurt Room will form the prelude to an exhibition series that investigates the productive design tradition of the metropolis on the Main and sheds light on the unique “Frankfurt design spirit” shaped by such figures as Ferdinand Kramer or Dieter Rams, head of design at Braun. Throughout its duration the exhibition will be in a state of flux, drawing on a multitude of examples to illuminate ever-different aspects and presenting a new protagonist of the “Frankfurt design spirit” every half year. Curated by Klaus Klemp.

Bursting with Life: Ukiyo-e from the Collections of Johann Georg Geyger and Otto Riese
Garishly made-up stars of the stage, delicate beauties in tea houses, sublime landscapes along the major trade routes—the ukiyo-e woodcuts present a fascinating mirror image of life in seventeenth- to nineteenth-century Japan. With the rare early ukiyo-e prints from the holdings of Johann Georg Geyger and the recently acquired 180 masterworks of the Otto Riese collection, the Museum Angewandte Kunst today has in its possession one of the most sumptuous collections of this great Japanese art form in Europe. Curated by Stephan von der Schulenburg.

1607: From the Early Days of Globalization
With more than 200 objects, the era from the end of the sixteenth to the middle of the seventeenth century will be reconstructed and presented as an imaginary journey through space and time, linking history and fantasy. Objects from widely different regions—Ming Dynasty porcelain, ceremonial glasses from Venice, Persian wine bottles and much more—will here be united, their stories elicited from them, and the globalization of our world around the year 1607 brought to life. Curated by Svetlana Jaremitsch and Matthias Wagner K.

Korea Power: Design and Identity
27 April—25 August

Design made in Frankfurt, 1925-1985. Das Frankfurter Zimmer
27 April—20 October

Bursting with Life: Ukiyo-e from the Collections of Johann Georg Geyger and Otto Riese
27 April—27 October

1607: From the Early Days of Globalization
27 April 2013—27 April 2014

April 26, 2013, 7pm
Museum Angewandte Kunst
Schaumainkai 17
60594 Frankfurt am Main