Today Art Museum announces Focus on Talents Finalists exhibition 2013

Today Art Museum will host the Focus on Talents finalists exhibition 2013 from May 19 to 27, 2013, on the second floor of the Exhibition Hall, Building 2. The award ceremony and VIP preview are scheduled for May 18 at the same venue. After the final assessment of the candidates for the Focus on Talents Award 2013 was concluded in April 2013, the ten finalists were narrowed down to Chen Chenchen, Chu Bingchao, Gao Shengjie, Gao Su, He Shiyi, Lei Lei, Lu Yanxiang, Xu Sheng, Zhang Tongxiao and Zhang Xiaodi.

Focus on Talents Finalists exhibition
Focus on Talents is a public art program dedicated to young artists. It was jointly launched by Today Art Museum and Martell Art Fund in 2010. The two previous successful years of the program received enthusiastic applause from the public. This year, the committee received over 500 applications and recommendations from young artists. Compared to previous years, more young Chinese artists from comprehensive universities, as well as overseas Chinese students from the United Kingdom, France and the United States, have shown interest in the program and submitted their applications this year. Their artwork spans a wide range of mediums, from oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, ink and wash, to video, installation and murals. The variety in form and content demonstrates the creative power and experimental spirit of today’s young artists.

The 2013 Focus on Talents’ judging committee is composed of a team of professional judges who are active in contemporary art circles. The participating judges include, in alphabetical order by their family name: Jiang Jiehong, curator and Mentor of Master’s Students; Karen Smith, curator; Mark Nash, curator and former director of Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art, U.K.; Tan Ping, artist and Deputy Director of China Central Academy of Fine Arts; and Wu Hongliang, artist and Director of Beijing Fine Art Academy.

Ms. Su Chen Hsieh, Director of Today Art Museum, participated this year as a nominating member of the judging committee. Expressing her high expectations of the young artists, she said: “I hope these young artists persist in going their own way and realize their ideals and values.”

The curator of the exhibition is Mr. Dong Bingfeng. He is committed to cultivating and promoting young artists by offering his unique perspective and judgment. Prior to the award ceremony, the judges will attend the exhibition to review the finalists’ artwork and reach a final decision on the winner of the award. Who will win the honor of Focus on Talents 2013′s “Talent Award”? Come and check out the exhibition to find out for yourself.

May 19–27, 2013
Today Art Museum
Building 4, Pingod Community,
No.32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District