Museum of Aviation Goes Green

The Museum of Aviation has “gone green” with 100% of their power supplied by renewable energy from Flint Energies. With this final agreement between the RAFB Office of Civil Engineering and Flint Energies, the Air Force Base will now be buying green energy for its entire Museum complex.

“Flint Energies is proud to assist the US Air Force with its goal of being environmentally responsible with this purchase of green energy for the Museum,” said Flint Sr. Vice President Jimmy Autry. “The relationship between the Museum of Aviation and Flint goes all the way back through the Museum’s history.” Robins AFB had been buying enough green energy for the Museum’s Eagle building since 2009. Flint serves electricity to the entire Museum complex, but not the rest of Robins Air Force Base, according to Autry. The new rate agreement is in response to a request made by Robins Office of Civil Engineering back in 2008 to find suitable renewable energy to help meet the US Department of Defense’s mandate.

The green power to be used by the Museum complex is generated at the Houston County landfill located just off Georgia Hwy 247 near Hawkinsville. The landfill generation located there gives Flint members access to 3.2 megawatts of environmentally “green power” at an affordable price. Flint’s new Commercial Green Energy rate will actually create savings for the US Air Force over the prior billing rate. The Museum is the first Flint Energies member to sign up for Commercial Green Energy.