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Jeu de Paume presents Ahlam Shibli. Phantom Home

Jeu de Paume presents Ahlam Shibli. Phantom Home on view through 01 SEPTEMBER 2013.

The Jeu de Paume presents the retrospective exhibition of the artist Ahlam Shibli (b. 1970, Palestine). Her images are anchored in current events, not through the urgency of a witness account but in the need to reestablish a critical distance through the profound transformation brought by a subjective regard. Phantom Home will bring together six photographic series that encapsulate Shibli’s investigation into different ways of understanding the word “home.” The exhibition also includes Death (2011–12), Shibli’s latest photographic series, especially conceived for this retrospective, which shows the efforts of Palestinian society to preserve the presence of those who lost their lives fighting against the occupation. Curators: Marta Gili, Carles Guerra, João Fernandes and Isabel Sousa Braga