Dinosaurs begin to invade Cincinnati Museum Center during exhibition installation

Introducing Giganotosaurus! Ultimate Dinosaurs opens June 13

CINCINNATI – You’re familiar with the infamous Tyrannosaurus rex, now meet his bigger, badder “cousin” from the Southern Hemisphere, Giganotosaurus! As installation continues for Cincinnati Museum Center’s new blockbuster exhibition, Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana, workers completed a major step today – attaching the head of Giganotosaurus to the rest of his body.

MEET GIGANOTOSAURUS (Pronounced “jig-a-no-tow-SOR-us,” meaning “great southern lizard.”)

Possibly the largest land carnivore ever, Giganotosaurus was discovered in 1993 in Argentina by amateur Argentinean fossil collector, Ruben Carolini and studied and named by the famous Argentinean paleontologist Dr. Rodolfo Coria.

Giganotosaurus was an enormous predatory dinosaur with a large, gnarled ridge down its nose. He would have measured over 43 feet long and weighed up to 13,200 pounds, possibly the largest of all theropods (even larger than T-rex!). He lived about 95 million years ago, during the early Late Cretaceous period in what is now Patagonia, northwest Argentina.


Opening June 13, Cincinnati Museum Center welcomes some of the largest and most unusual dinosaurs to have ever roamed the planet in the U.S. premiere of Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana . Based on groundbreaking research from scientists around the world, this exhibition reveals bizarre, unusual looking dinosaurs virtually unknown to North Americans because they evolved in isolation in South America, Africa and Madagascar.

Another example of Museum Center bringing unique, hands-on science opportunities to our region, Ultimate Dinosaurs gives you the extraordinary opportunity to experience dinosaurs you’ve never seen before, in ways you’ve never imagined. From experts, events, and great dinosaur programming, Museum Center is your place for giant dinosaur fun this summer!

Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana is produced and circulated by the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto and presented locally with the generous support of associate sponsor Frisch’s Big Boy. Thanks to our community partners: Cincinnati Enquirer, the Cincinnati Reds and Local 12.


Also opening June 13, don’t miss Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia in our OMNIMAX® Theater. It’s the perfect companion to the Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit. Combining the exhibit and OMNIMAX film is the closest thing to actually being in the presence of these extraordinary creatures!

Following Rodolfo Coria, we visit sites of major dinosaur discoveries in the Patagonia region and travel back in time to see these amazing beasts come to life. Journey through the lives of two specimens of these superb achievements of evolution. The action is intense and the landscape is out of this world. From space, we have the perfect vantage point to witness the movement of the tectonic plates, and the arrival of a comet that may have sealed the fate of the dinosaurs.

Reserve your tickets today! Call (513) 287-7001 or visit www.cincymuseum.org to buy your ticket in advance. Exhibition tickets are $15 for adults, $11 for children ages 3-12 and $13 for seniors ages 60+. Museum Center Members pay a one time discounted admission fee of $9 for adults and $7 for children and receive free unlimited repeat visits to the exhibition.

Visit www.cincymuseum.org/dinosaurs for more information about the exhibition and OMNIMAX film. Follow the dinosaur action on twitter at @cincymuseum using hashtags: #UltimateDinos and #CincyRawrs.