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Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA) Seeks New Director

The Office for Contemporary Art Norway is a foundation established in 2001 and financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the aim of strengthening the position of contemporary visual arts and production from Norway and of stimulating and facilitating exchange between Norwegian and international art professionals and institutions. OCA administers grant schemes for international travel support and international residencies for Norwegian artists, curators and critics in a number of international venues. OCA is a cultural meeting place for Norwegians and citizens from throughout the world.

As a multidisciplinary institution with an expanded public platform, OCA seeks to enhance the appreciation of contemporary Norwegian artistic achievements by offering a series of discursive, residency, exchange and exhibition programs focusing on current artistic and intellectual tendencies and cooperating with cultural and academic institutions abroad.

OCA is looking for a new director with great expertise, independence and creativity and with the ability to continue developing OCA. The Director will be the artistic and administrative leader of the organisation and reports to the Board. The Director will offer a vision and give directions to the foundation in collaboration with the staff.

Candidates must have a higher education degree in the art field or a related background, and institutional and management experience within the field of contemporary art. We also want the candidate to be highly experienced in research, curating, writing, lecturing and publishing within contemporary art at an international professional level. Candidates must have a broad international network within the field of contemporary visual art, and a strong interest in following the development of the Norwegian art scene closely. The new Director is expected to have a good understanding of both financial and human resource administration, as well as an ability to work with public and private support.

The new Director will be leading a team of knowledgeable, flexible and result-oriented staff of five. We want a leader who can both design a direction for OCA and who is at the same time good at teamwork, cooperation and communication, internally within the organisation and externally.

The Director will live in Oslo and must be fluent in English in conversation and in writing. If the Director is not a Norwegian native speaker, he or she will be expected to acquire basic communication skills in the language.

The position has a set term of four years, with a possibility for renewal. Salary and other conditions will be settled by agreement.

For further information about the position, contact the Chair of OCA’s Board, Marit Reutz at [email protected] or T +47 915 64 250.

The application, CV and accompanying documentation must be submitted by 18 August 2013 by e-mail to Mercuri Urval AS, [email protected].

Samples of authored and edited publications, articles, essays, conducted research, press generated on initiated projects and any other relevant material must be submitted separately by post by the same date to Mercuri Urval AS, P.O. Box 200 Skøyen, 0213 Oslo, Norway.