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National Museum of Natural History presents Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code exhibition

The National Museum of Natural History, in partnership with the National Human Genome Research Institute of the National Institutes of Health, opens “Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code” June 14—a multimedia exhibition that explores how the genomic revolution is influencing people’s lives and the extraordinary impact it is having on science, medicine and nature.

The exhibition looks at the complexities of the genome—the complete set of genetic or hereditary material of a living organism—and chronicles the remarkable breakthroughs that have taken place since the completion of the Human Genome Project 10 years ago. With cutting-edge interactives, 3-D models, custom animation and engaging videos of real-life stories, the exhibition examines both the benefits and the challenges that genomics presents to modern society.

“Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code” will be on view at the National Museum of Natural History through Sept. 1, 2014, when it will begin a tour of venues throughout North America.

The exhibition includes free educational resources and programs on genetics and genomics and an educational-based website: