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Garage Center for Contemporary Culture presents Jan Svankmajer’s Kunstkammer

Garage Center for Contemporary Culture presents Jan Svankmajer’s Kunstkammer on 21 June–25 August 2013.

Jan Švankmajer is widely recognized as one of the most accomplished filmmakers, set designers and artists working today. He has received international acclaim for his films, which combine a variety of genres, such as live action, stop-motion animation, and puppetry to create scenes that simultaneously shock and captivate the viewer.

Aside from his feature films and animations, Švankmajer works with sculpture, graphic design, collage and gestural poetry. The artist uses both man-made and organic materials, such as animal skeletons, stones, fossils and dried plants, exploring the legacy of Surrealism wherein images from the subconscious reveal both the inner workings of the human mind and its social surroundings, uncovering the dark sides of our existence.

This exhibition reveals the rich diversity of Švankmajer’s practice. Together the works reference a Kunstkammer, or cabinet of curiosities, which were first created during the period of geographic discoveries in the 16th century. Epitomizing the influx of new knowledge from non-Western civilizations, the Kunstkammer brought together objects that defied categorization, perceived as a theater of the world, where art and nature collide.

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