Secession presents Rossella Biscotti The Side Room

Secession presents Rossella Biscotti The Side Room on view July 5–September 1, 2013.

Rossella Biscotti’s installations are generally highly complex and comprise sculptures, performances, documents, and audio works. Based on archival research and personal conversations with people involved in events, they are concerned with memory and the limits to objective accounts of history. Many of her works address the recent political history of Italy, one example being the continuing multimedia installation Il processo (The Trial), which she began in 2010. This work takes as its theme the political climate in Italy in the early 1980s, when the government cracked down on left-wing movements.

The project for her first solo exhibition in Austria was conceived in parallel with her work for the 55th Venice Biennale. This new audiovisual installation for the Secession is the result of several months spent investigating the processual element of dreams.

Rossella Biscotti, born in Molfetta, Itally in 1978, lives and works in Amsterdam.

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