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New Museum Opens “XFR STN” (Transfer Station)

The New Museum will dedicate the Karpidas Education Center gallery to “XFR STN” (Transfer Station), an artist-originated media archiving project and exhibition, on view July 17 through September 8, 2013.

A series of panel discussions, screenings, and gallery presentations will accompany the project. “XFR STN” is a fully functioning lab with three transfer stations (two dedicated to moving image formats and one to born-digital materials). The project addresses the wider need for access to media capture and migration services for the artist community as a means to preserve artworks stored in aging and obsolete audiovisual and digital formats. Technicians trained in digital preservation will work during the Museum’s public hours to digitize materials from three distinct repositories: MWF Video Club’s collection, which comprises some sixty boxes of diverse moving image materials currently housed in a storage unit in Staten Island; the New Museum’s own rich archive, which includes documentation of historic public programs and performances; and the newly assembled collection of transferred materials by participating artists drawn from the general public. For this latter category, “XFR STN” has an online submission site. After obtaining an appointment, artists are paired with technicians, who work with them to produce the best possible digital assets from their original materials. Transfer services are free for artists; visitation to the exhibition is included in the price of admission.