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Auckland Museum wins green award

The Auckland Museum has won a green award for greenhouse gas emission reductions over recent years.

Auckland Museum’s carbon footprint was reduced by 31% over the past two years, producing savings of $340,000 this year. In 2011 Auckland Museum became the first museum in the world to gain certification for its carbon emissions under the independent CEMARS™ scheme.

A 21% reduction in the museum’s carbon emissions for 2012 was largely achieved through improvements in air conditioning control strategies and systems, which cut consumption of natural gas and electricity. Other contributors were increased recycling by the public and staff, improved power-saving by staff and more use of energy efficient LED lighting.

The 31% reduction in overall carbon emissions for the past two years (2011 and 2012) was made up of natural gas consumption reductions of 49%, electricity consumption reductions of 17% and air travel and waste carbon emission reductions of 22%.

In 2013 the museum aims to cut emissions by at least a further 5.7%, through sending less waste to landfill, reducing travel and achieving more gas and electricity savings. Alternative energy sources are also being investigated.