Agency for Cultural Affairs City of Oslo Seeks Curatorial Team

The Agency for Cultural Affairs is hiring two curators to develop a pilot project for the first Oslo Biennial of Public Art.

The curators will work in a team to design an artistic concept, goals, initiatives and strategies, and put together measures to facilitate collaboration between the many established contributors in this field. We also want the curators to plan and arrange a seminar with relevant input that will also lead to a written report.

The Oslo Biennial of Public Art will be inviting leading and new artists to produce and present permanent and temporary works of art and long-term projects in Oslo’s urban space.

A research programme with on-going discussions and conferences must be part of the concept, together with a more detailed programme during the biennial.

Applicants must have a tertiary degree in art education, documented experience from similar work and a broad national and international network in the art world. The curators will either be hired on an hourly basis, or have a set budget.

Application credentials
Please submit:
–Letter of motivation (1 page)
–Documentation of your previous work

Important: The application credentials have to be complete. If one of the above listed documents is missing, the application will be invalid.

Application deadline: 1 October 2013

Label the application Curatorteam

Your application must be submitted per e-mail by October 1, 2013, to: [email protected]

or send it to:
Postboks 1453 Vika
0116 Oslo