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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam announces public program for autumn 2013

Since the historic reopening of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in September 2012, the Public Program has functioned as an important point of convergence. Encompassing a great number of performance, film, discursive, music, and dance programs, the Public Program connects questions and issues in the international discourse about contemporary art and design with local interests and communities. International artists, designers, curators, critics, and scholars from various generations and backgrounds are invited to present their work as part of the Public Program in ambitious and thought-provoking programs.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

This autumn, the Stedelijk Museum continues its acclaimed Public Program, focusing on such themes as performativity and technology; the relationship between subculture, dance, and contemporary art; the influence of the historical Russian avant-garde on Minimal and conceptual art; and drawing in contemporary art. The Public Program presents: Alexandra Bachsetzis, AA Bronson, Elena Filipovic, Cyprien Gaillard, Joan Jonas, Sung Hwam Kim, Tim Lawrence, Sjaron Minaillo, Rabih Mroué, Xue Mu, Paulina Olowska, Jimmy Robert, Emily Roysdon, Jeremy Shaw, Hito Steyerl, Wu Tsang, Lawrence Weiner, and many others.

Highlights for autumn 2013:

Performance is a key part of the Public Program—presenting both existing works and commissioning new performance pieces.

– Rabih Mroué & Hito Steyerl: Probable title: zero probability II
September 8

– Hito Steyerl at the 13th Istanbul Biennial – new performance commission by the Stedelijk Museum

– Alexandra Bachsetzis: The Stages of Staging – Museum Version
September 28

– Studio Sjaron Minaillo: Victory Over the Sun
October 17 and 19

– Emily Roysdon: By Any Other Name
October 31

– Xue Mu: Ijbert Verweij
November 21

– AA Bronson and Travis Meinolf: Tent for Healing
December (precise date will be communicated shortly)

Exhibition and event series Stedelijk at Trouw: Contemporary Art Club
Following the acclaimed program of the Temporary Stedelijk 3 – Stedelijk @, which included four major events at the impressive spaces of the night club TrouwAmsterdam, the Stedelijk continues the series “Contemporary Art Club” with three new installments, exhibiting the monumental video work of Cheryl Donegan, Tracey Emin, Cyprien Gaillard, Sarah Morris, Elizabeth Price, Jeremy Shaw, and others. The exhibition series will be accompanied by performances and presentations during the opening nights by Timothy Lawrence, Emptyset, Mike Koldin, The Dutch Dance Theater, and others.

Stedelijk at Trouw: Contemporary Art Club – MOTION
September 5–15, 2013; Opening: September, 5, 2013

Stedelijk at Trouw: Contemporary Art Club – ARCHITECTURE
October 31–November 9, 2013; Opening: October 31, 2013

Stedelijk at Trouw: Contemporary Art Club – Third Edition
November 28–December 7, 2013; Opening: November 28, 2013 (part of Capital A, Amsterdam)

– Lawrence Weiner and Ann Goldstein
September 21

– Paulina Olowska and Elena Filipovic
September 22

– Sung Hwan Kim
October 6

– Wu Tsang
September 19 (ongoing screenings September 20–22)

– Malevich & Film, film program curated by Jacob Korczynski

– On September 23, the Stedelijk Museum will organize a memorial in honor of Seth Siegelaub (1941– 2013).

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Museumplein 10
Amsterdam, the Netherlands