National Gallery of Iceland present Thomas Huber & Wolfgang Aichner powerwalk

The National Gallery of Iceland present Thomas Huber & Wolfgang Aichner powerwalk on September 6–October 27, 2013.

powerwalk: going for a charge
Shortly after the opening the artists will set off for their new expedition. For powerwalk Huber and Aichner will walk in the course of a one-week expedition on Europe’s largest glacier, the Icelandic Vatnajökull as human power stations. During their arduous excursion they will carry mobile wind generators, producing permanently electricity. In this process generated wind energy will be accumulated in special batteries, which serves the artistic gain of the undertaking. The energy is transported back to Germany, where it is used to operate two washing machines, laundering the expedition clothes of the artists. As long as the accumulated electricity lasts, the washing process is filmed in real-time mode. The exploitation of energy and its consumption, staged in this project in two separate paces, evolves a strongly metaphorical quality.

In powerwalk the artists create an absurd image, which broaches the issue of the current race for resources and energies between the industrial countries and a society oriented towards efficiency, profit and entertainment. The performance will be documented cinematically and photographically and formatted installation-based for exhibitions. The project still can be supported on the crowdfunding platform startnext.

passage2011 and powerwalk are curated by Christian Schoen and organised by pilotraum01 e.V.

National Gallery of Iceland
Fríkirkjuvegur 7
101 Reykjavík