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LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre presents Aprendiendo de las Cuencas (Learning from the Cuencas)

LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre announces Aprendiendo de las Cuencas (Learning from the Cuencas) on 27 September 2013–23 February 2014.

Aprendiendo de las Cuencas (Learning from the Cuencas) is a research project on the cultural landscape of the Asturian coal mining area which will be captured in an exhibition with twin venues: LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Gijón and at SabadellHerrero Exhibition Hall in Oviedo.

Starting from the identification, selection and cataloguing of those examples of architecture, buildings or urban elements that are representative of this unique environment without equivalent in Europe, Aprendiendo de las Cuencas will act in Oviedo as a rite of passage. With the title Artefactos de la Memoria (Artifacts of Memory), on display will be the results from the documentation and cataloguing work conducted in the research process with an analytical and informative intention. In this way, SabadellHerrero Exhibition Hall will show the bibliographic references from the study, the most striking examples of the “artifacts”—the word used by the curators to refer to the hybrid architectures that are at the core of this project—and NiFe, the symphonic work by Flores Chaviano, linked to the memory of the valleys miners in Asturias.

The Galería de Exposiciones (Exhibitions Gallery) at LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre, Gijón, will host as a dreamlike speculation Espectros, Proyecciones y Ensoñaciones (Spectres, Projections and Fantasies), through which an extension of the objectives, analysis and methods representative of these architectures is proposed, contextualizing the research from the past—through the funds of many Asturian archives, including the archive of the local industrial music group Ética Makinal—and the present—with the documentary work of Antonio Corral Fernández and Marcos Martínez Merino—and the collaboration of different artists with specific productions. Fran Meana explores our capacity to imagine the future, combining quotidian and traditional objects with the utopian projects; Bárbara Fluxá conducts a reading on the implications of this particular juxtaposition of landscapes (natural, rural, industrial and urban). Continuing with the line of work initiated by LABoral in El arte y su sonido (Art and its Sound), La mina y su sonido (The Mine and its Sound) is a proposal in collaboration with the critic and curator José Manuel Costa with the support of the artist and phonographist Juanjo Palacios. This includes four sound landscaping pieces by Óscar de Ávila, Edu Comelles, Mind Revolution and Daniel Romero, as well as a call to hold a mixtape competition from mid-October 2013 until mid-February 2014.

There will be also different examples of contemporary architecture of the Cuencas through ten selected examples of recent architecture, diverse exercises re-signification of “artifacts” proposed by studies of architecture as OSS (Office for Strategic Spaces), Recetas Urbanas and Basurama, as well as speculations on other possible appliances with proposals of the own curators and the work done by students at the ETSAM, Escuela Técnica Superior of architecture of Madrid.

Coproduced by LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial and SabadellHerrero. With the support of The Principado de Asturias

Curators: Nacho Ruiz Allén and Sara López Arraiza from zon-e arquitectos

Artists: Oscar Ávila, Basurama, Edu Comelles, Cómo crear historias, Antonio Corral Fernández, Bárbara Fluxá, Marcos Martínez Merino, Fran Meana, Mind Revolution, OSS Office for Strategic Spaces, Recetas Urbanas, Daniel Romero

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