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Launch of the new Glass House Design Store, in collaboration with Moss Bureau

The Glass House, in collaboration with Moss Bureau, is pleased to announce a new design store. The Glass House Design Store offers an edited selection of books, furniture, objects, and artist editions that represent the sensibility and ideas that inform the Glass House, both the iconic 1949 structure and the unique synthesis of art, architecture, and landscape that developed over half a century. The store will offer a mix of rare and iconic objects, including Paul Cocksedge’s Roll/Rule Set, Deborah Ehrlich’s Simple Glass Ware, Lobmeyr’s Drinking Service No. 257, Alessi’s 9090 Richard Sapper Espresso maker, the Arne Jacobsen Martini Mixer from Stelton, and more. All items are also available through a new online store.

Glass House Design Store Photo by Andy Romer Photography
Glass House Design Store Photo by Andy Romer Photography

Inspired by “Machine Art,” a legendary exhibition organized by Philip Johnson for the Museum of Modern Art in 1934, the Glass House Design Store celebrates Johnson’s curatorial vision through its articulate offering. As Alfred H. Barr, Jr., the Museum of Modern Art’s first director, wrote in his foreword to the ‘Machine Art’ catalogue:

“The role of the artist in machine art is to choose, from a variety of possible forms each of which may be functionally adequate, that one form which is aesthetically most satisfactory. He does not embellish or elaborate, but refines, simplifies and perfects.”

This is the course that the Glass House and Moss Bureau have pursued in selecting objects for the Glass House Design Store. In addition to whatever function they perform, these objects are intended as keepsakes for visitors to remember their time at the Glass House.
In this way, the ideas — and ideals — articulated by Philip Johnson over many years can be enjoyed long after a visit to the Glass House, in the course of daily life.

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