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Red Star Line Museum opens in Antwerp

The Red Star Line Museum has opened in Antwerp Belgium. The main exhibition allows you follow the path of the emigrants from their departure in their country of origin, via the long journey and their temporary stay in Antwerp, to the ocean crossing and their arrival in America or Canada.

Red Star Line Museum - Immigration Museum
Red Star Line Museum – Immigration Museum

Two million passengers boarded Red Star Line steamers and crossed the ocean from Antwerp to North America. Their story, that of the shipping company which transported them and that of the city and the harbour from which they left are central elements in the museum’s main exhibition. The era in which the exodus took place, from 1873 to 1934, is placed in a broad social context. Migration and human mobility has always existed: millions of people all over the world left (and continue to leave) the familiar behind, looking for a new future.

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