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J1 hanger Marseille presents Le Corbusier and the Question of Brutalism

An exhibition on Le Corbusier, open 11 October – 22 December, an iconic figure in the history of Marseille’s urbanism and architecture, will take over the J1 hangar.

This is doubly symbolic: firstly, because of the connection to the Mediterranean Sea, a theme running through all of Le Corbusier’s work and secondly because of the world of large boats that filled his imagination and whose influence can be seen in the building in Marseille today. It is this all-encompassing creation that made Le Corbusier an international household name – no longer was he a simple theorist of the Modernist movement, but a creator of vast projects with an aesthetic quality that had a major impact on the history of architecture in the second half of the 20th century. When he built the Cité Radieuse, Le Corbusier invented a new movement — brutalist architecture – which used all forms of visual arts for architectural purposes. The exhibition will focus on the different areas of artistic research that interested Le Corbusier in the last twenty years of his work, from 1933 to 1965. Unique pieces – paintings, sculptures, tapestries, lithographs, enamels and still and moving images — will illustrate the “artistic fusion” cherished by this all-round artist.

Curator: Jacques Sbriglio