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ARTER – space for art Upcoming programme

ARTER presents three solo exhibitions by Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Fatma Bucak and Sarkis along with Bahane, a shared space for reading and discussions. Opening on 15 November

Aslı Çavuşoğlu: The Stones Talk
Curated by Özge Ersoy, Çavuşoğlu‘s solo exhibition is based around artefacts that were unearthed during archaeological excavations. Classified as “study pieces” by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, these artefacts are deemed either “incomplete” or aesthetically “insignificant” and thus unworthy of display in museums. Having selected 71 pieces from the collections of different archaeological excavations, the artist produced their replicas and incorporated them with other materials to create new “wholes.”

Through multiplication and replication of these artefacts Çavuşoğlu focuses on the selective nature of historiography and questions the value systems that inform the process of classification. The exhibition also questions the ability of these practices to create linear narratives from incomplete historical and archaeological information. The Stones Talk explores the possibility of a more polyphonic act of storytelling through objects.

Fatma Bucak: Yet Another Story About the Fall
Curated by Başak Doğa Temür, Yet Another Story About the Fall is Fatma Bucak‘s first solo exhibition in Turkey and presents new works by the artist along with a selection of her recent works (2012 and 2013). Bucak‘s work encompasses photography, video and performance to re-enact or invert myths, religious stories or autobiographical narratives. Her works often engage the memory of a landscape and involve family members, locals, and the artist herself.

Bucak produced a new two-channel video installation especially for the exhibition at ARTER. Shot at Salt Lake (Ankara, Turkey), the part titled And then God blessed them brings together the female and male archetypes for yet another confrontation. For the second part titled Suggested place for you to see it, Bucak invited an audience of 13 local women to comment on this performance. Their conversations were recorded by a second camera, resulting in a work that reintroduces the audience this time as performers themselves.

Sarkis: Interpretation of Cage / Ryoanji
Albeit many years apart, Cage and Sarkis found inspiration in the famous Ryoanji Zen garden that led to the creation of the three works included in this exhibition. Sarkis‘ first encounter with the solo flute score of Cage’s Ryoanji inspired him as if this were “the dance of lines on a blank paper and of calligraphy” which he trailed with his fingerprints culminating in 96 watercolours titled Partition de flûte Ryoanji / Cage selon Sarkis [Cage, Ryoanji, flute partition according to Sarkis].

Upon entering the third floor gallery of ARTER, the viewer will encounter these soothing waves constituting the main work in the exhibition, while the other two works, plans of the Zen garden, titled Ryoanji interpretation opus n°2, Kyoto, 2012, and D’après Ryoanji [After Ryoanji], 2012 flank the centrepiece at each end of the gallery.

As a result of Melih Fereli’s curatorial intervention, the exhibition attained an important dimension, bringing together two great musicians, Kudsi Erguner (ney) and Jean-François Lagrost (shakuhachi) in a musical interpretation of Sarkis‘ watercolours.

Concurrently with these exhibitions, ARTER‘s second floor will be reserved for reading, watching, conversation and discussion with the title Bahane (lit. pretext, occasion). Conceptually intertwined with the three solo exhibitions, Bahane will feature books to leaf through, videos, films and documentaries to explore, in addition to a programme featuring workshops, discussions and talks. Shaped through processes initiated by İlkay Baliç and İz Öztat, Bahane will be at ARTER to explore, work and hang out either individually or collectively.

ARTER – space for art
Istiklal Caddesi, 211
Beyoglu, Istanbul
Hours: Tuesday–Thursday 11–19h,
Friday–Sunday 12–20h
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