Indiana State Museum opens Ice Age Giants: The Mystery of Mammoths and Mastodons

The Indiana State Museum presents Ice Age Giants: The Mystery of Mammoths and Mastodons, beginning Saturday, Nov. 16 through August 17, 2014.

Ice Age GiantsThe exhibition explores Ice Age animals and their environments, what happens at a real dig site and the research that helps us to understand prehistoric mammals. The exhibit also features real mounted skeletons and casts of Ice Age animals, as well as fossil tusks and skulls.

Divided into six sections, the exhibition will look at the factors, including climate that may have played a role in the eventual extinction of these giants. Guests will experience a real excavation dig, test bones and learn the difference between mammoths and their shorter, stockier cousin mastodons.

The Indiana State Museum is located in White River State Park in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. It is Indiana’s museum for science, art and culture, offering a place where you can celebrate, investigate, remember, learn and take pride in Indiana’s story in the context of the broader world.