Botín Foundation present Tacita Dean De Mar en Mar

Botín Foundation present Tacita Dean De Mar en Mar an exhibition on view until 12 January 2014.

The exhibition De Mar en Mar by artist Tacita Dean, which has been curated by Vicente Todolí, president of the Foundation’s Visual Arts Advisory Board, follows as a continuation of the workshop directed by the artist at Villa Iris earlier in the year.

De Mar en Mar is a unique opportunity to see all the artist’s sea works presented together for the first time in a place with a fine maritime history of its own, Santander. The sea has played a crucial role in the work of Tacita Dean, especially earlier on in her career. Drawn to it for its narrative possibilities, the sea has stayed a continual source of inspiration to her and the works in De Mar en Mar weave together a series of stories that are connected by the role the sea plays in them, whether it be as backdrop to the narrative or as its main focus.

The works in this exhibition date from 1994 to 2008 and bring together a rich diversity of films, objects and drawings including a rare opportunity to see the installation Girl Stowaway in its complete form, two significant series of blackboard drawings, the 16mm films, several photographic works, some of them newly produced for this exhibition, the artist’s book projects and other ephemera related to the sea.

Tacita Dean’s exhibition reminds us of the cultural importance that the sea has had in our history and in our imagination, recalling a not too distant time when, pre-satellite, the sea was a still place unknowable to us, a place of mystery where one could still get profoundly and existentially lost.

Curator: Vicente Todolí

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